Past Projects

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We work with thousands of people in Tower Hamlets and across London, and have run hundreds of projects in over 20 years of existence. Find below details of a few of our past projects.


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Topiary Hedge 2005

In the Topiary figure project led by artist Tajender Sagoo we worked with several other women's groups on the botanical embroideries on a screen printed topiary themed textile base. We then watched intrigued as our flat embroideries were assembled into a striking three dimensional piece which was displayed at Kensington Palace.

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Dainty Dish

Dainty Dish project created a banqueting table installation for the vaults at the Tower of London. The tablecloth was printed and embroidered with reminiscences fashioned into recipes by a professional storyteller and topped with 3D embroidered oysters, prawns and other fine foods. A representative of the group was introduced to the Queen at the opening of the Tower Vaults.

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Gas Towers 2007

Harford Street gas tower was the inspiration for this textile installation for Harford Street Medical Centre. There are fine examples of the group's embroidery skills with subject matter reflecting the history of gas in the area from the showrooms displaying the latest models to portraits of the gas workers themselves. It's a great feeling to have your work displayed in a public building.

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Textile Circuit Olympiad 2010-12

The Textile Circuit was a large-scale exhibition programme, at 8 community venues, from Bow along the Commercial Road to the Tower of London, exploring links between the area’s heritage and international trade at the East London Docks through community made textile-based artworks. Seb Coe, Chair of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games said: ‘The Inspire programme is ensuring the legacy of the 2012 Games starts now as projects like Textile Circuit are enabling people in Tower Hamlets to make positive life changes.’

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Julian’s School Project 2011

This cross-curriculum project involved delivering tailored creative classes and outcomes to each year of Julian's primary school. From Reception to Year 6, each class's collective outcomes were tailored to creatively explore a theme of their current learning. From silk painting scenes of Roman life, researched on a trip the British Museum, and making them into Roman helmets, to looking at graphic design and redesigning the school logo, the project ended in a whole school exhibition and celebration, sharing work with each other and parents.

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Youth Social Action Fund

A new project that came in response to requests from 'older graduates' of the Playscheme, the Youth Social Action Project is a chance for local 11-16 year olds to discuss issues relaev and creatively respond to them. Culminating in their own Social Action Arts Festival, watch this space for more information!

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Phonemic Chart 2015

Our Elders Embroidery group created an embroidered phonemic chart to use in English lessons with the English for Sewing class. Participants chose something to illustrate each symbol on the chart: dipthongs, consonants and vowels. It's a useful resource linking the two groups, the embroideries were fun to do and are much admired.