Stitches in Time has made me independent to come out of the house. I have been suffering domestic abuse for 29 years. They have listened and helped me and given me emotional support.
— FabricWorks participant

About us

Stitches in Time is a participatory arts and education charity with a social enterprise arm based in Tower Hamlets. Set up in 1993 as a community project aimed at celebrating the area’s rich cultural heritage, we do more than just sewing, our creative projects are co-designed with users in response to their needs, to empower individuals and build strong, inclusive, and cohesive communities.

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Between 2016-2018…



people participated in a Stitches in Time project.


women joined our Sewing Support Network - 73% have been long-term unemployed.


creative workshops were delivered across London.

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The Facts

Perhaps more than any other borough in London, Tower Hamlets best represents the capital with its untrammeled riches and stark poverty. Despite hosting the city’s financial district, it has the highest level of child and pensioner poverty in the country, as well as the greatest level of income inequality in the UK.

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At first I found the course a little bit hard but I am enjoying learning. I look forward to coming in and feel like a really valued part of a team. It feels like a family, like a home, and I feel part of something, and important.
— FabricWorks member
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Our Projects

We have designed and delivered multi-site, user-led projects for over 20 years, providing a forum for culturally diverse groups to work and learn together, building confidence and skills in local communities across London.

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Our Classes

From English lessons for BAME communities to Sewing Socials for the elderly, and industry standard fabric and textile work training, we offer a range of classes to bring together people to develop skills, build confidence and widen their horizons.

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Our social enterprise brings together the growing market for ethical and sustainable fashion with local demands for user orientated work and training opportunities and peer-led instruction.

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