Schools and parents

We have designed and delivered hundreds of workshops for schools in Tower Hamlets and across London. We work with children, parents, and deliver Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training for Teachers. Find out about our approach and how we can collaborate with you to design a project or workshop for your school.

Continuous learning for Tower Hamlets

We focus on the needs of both small and big people to increase their skills and give them different ways to think about a subject. We teach a range of types of creative techniques including screen printing, sculpture, drawing exercises, sewing and photography. Our focus is to get children, parents, and teachers to use different techniques and lateral thinking to bring a creative project to fruition.

Whether as part of a large multi-school project to create a permanent artwork, or a one-off workshop with children to add value to key stage learning, we design our activities with a person-centred approach.

Book Stitches in Time for your school

We will work with you to design a project that meets the key stage requirements of any subject that you want to enhance. Call Paul Garayo and Katie Adkins for a consultation on 0207 987 6164. You can also use the contact form below; we’ll get back to you within two working days.

Positive Force was a unified project working with Pupil Referral Unit schools and pupils across Tower Hamlets, to create a lasting collaborative textile, hung in Harpley Centre PRU. It celebrated the skills, interests, and passions of year 11 students.