FabricWorks Social Enterprise

FabricWorks is an innovative and ethical professional manufacturing service for designers and companies. As a key project of Stitches in Time, we support local women in their aspirations using this framework.

Textile social enterprise in London

Many women that join the free enterprise training programme face issues such as long-term unemployment, have low confidence, or have experienced domestic violence. On a structured course of learning industry-standard textile skills, they gain confidence in ability, make friends, and establish support networks long into the future.

When I came to England with my family, aged 14, I found it very difficult, moving from beautiful countryside to a crowded house on Brick Lane. I couldn’t find work, and was very unhappy, but when I found the FabricWorks sewing class in 2005, I didn’t want to leave! I could only sew to a basic level, but I have now progressed, and am now an employed member of the FabricWorks Production team. (Fateha)


Entering onto the course or any of our projects means access to a range of support, through our open-access policy. We provide pathways to volunteering opportunities, CV and employment help, or taking part in other community initiatives that build strong bonds in our area.

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